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Danville City Adult Education
Woodrow Wilson Intermediate

1005 North Main Street

Danville, VA 24540

Phone: (434) 799-6471

Franklin County Adult Education

50 Claiborne Avenue

Rocky Mount, VA 24151

1-540-483-0179 ext. 2114 Phone

Henry County Adult Education

15 Primary School Road

Collinsville, VA 24078

1-276-647-8932 Phone 

Martinsville City Adult Education

New College Institute King Building

30 Franklin Street

Martinsville, VA 24112

1-276-403-5456 Phone

Pittsylvania County Adult Education

1700 US Highway 29

Chatham, VA 24531

1-434-432-7243 Phone

Our Programs

Workplace Development

Workforce Preparation Activities - Adult education is a key component in the workforce development continuum in the commonwealth. Services are delivered primarily as workforce preparation activities and integrated education and training.


General Education
Development Program - Currently, the only Virginia board-approved HSE examination is the GED test, which was developed to enable persons who have not graduated from high school to demonstrate the attainment of abilities normally associated with completion of a high school program of study.


English as a Second Language - ESL programs are designed to assist adult non-native English speaking students in communicating effectively in English. A number of resources and services are available to help these students improve and demonstrate their ability to speak, listen with understanding, read, and write English in order to function and be successful in the workplace and in postsecondary education and training.


Integrated Education and Training - IET programs are a model of accelerated and intense programming that pairs academic and occupational learning to prepare individuals for the workforce of today and tomorrow.


Get Ready forServices are offered to adults over 18 that live in the city of Danville and Martinsville as well as counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania.


No money? No Problem! All classes are free along with free textbooks, supplies, and access to internet. We just need you!

GED Testing

GED® test is offered in multiple locations within the Piedmont Region.

Registration Is Now Open!

Student Success Stories


GED Graduate

Dusti Brooks completed Distance Learning via an online class along with in person classes.  She passed her final subject, Math, to obtain her GED!

Desiree Pritchett.png

Food Handler Certification

Meet Desseri Pritchett! This lovely lady just earned her Food Handler certification. She has begun the process towards her Manager certification and as dedicated as she is, we're sure she will have it completed in no time! 

shelby fuller.png

GED Graduate

Meet Shelby Fuller!!!! This young lady came in and knocked it out of the park! She graduated with her GED today and may have set a new record for us. She is such an incredibly bright, sweet young lady! She is going to go far!!!! 

Grace Weber (1).png

GED Graduate

Meet Grace Weber!!!!! She's our first GED graduate for the 2023-2024 school year! She wrapped it up today! Grace is an amazing young woman and is so, so smart! She will be enrolling in college this fall and is going to do great things!!!! We couldn't be prouder! 

image (3).png

This week GED and ESOL-English students have been working on academic skills within the context of “USA Constitution Week” and “National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week.” Students enjoyed a wonderful presentation this morning by the Daughters of the American Revolution members, Nancy Uhran and Janet Poindexter. Mrs. Uhran and Mrs. Poindexter discussed the history of the US Constitution and also discussed how to increase literacy skills for children and for adults.

Wanda Andersen.png

Food Handler Certification

Meet Wanda Anderson!! Ms. Wanda just completed her Food Handler's Certification and has already started on the Manager's Certification. She has been so much fun and full of energy! We are excited about helping you reach your next goal!!!! Congratulations Wanda!

Mary Carter.png

Food Handler Certification

Meet Mary Carter! Mary recently completed her Food Handler certification and has begun the work to earn her Manager's! She was such a joy to work with and we look forward to assisting her with this next goal.


Congratulations Mary!

Ruby Williams.png

Food Handler Certification

Meet Ruby Williams! This lovely lady recently completed her Food Handler's Certification. She has the most contagious smile and gives off such a positive vibe! It was truly a pleasure to have helped her with her certification.



image (2).png

GED Graduate

Please help us congratulate our student, Taylor Steiner, who completed his official GED certificate on Monday! Taylor was a Distance Learning student who used the online program “Essential Education GED Academy,” Scoreboost books, Paxen GED Subject books, and in-person classes to prepare for his GED. He took his GED subject tests at the Franklin Center via the online proctored testing option.



Food Handler Certification

Meet Aleah Barksdale!!!! Ms. Aleah is our most recent ServSafe Food Handler completer. This incredibly smart young lady may have set a record for completing the assessment in the least amount of time! We look forward to assisting you with your next goal.

Congratulations Aleah!

Food Handler Certification

Meet Julissa Hill! This beautiful young lady came to us to earn her ServSafe certifications. She knocked the Food Handler Certification out quickly and is now working towards her Manager Certification. You'll be done in no time!

Congratulations Julissa!

Food Handler Certification

Here's Mrs. Ruby again! Ruby completed her Food Handler certification with us several weeks ago and now has completed her Manager Certification! What a wonderful lady to work with!


Congratulations Ruby!


GED Graduate


Meet Lidiana Montesinos Rodriguez!!!!!! This lovely lady is our most recent GED GRADUATE! Words cannot explain the excitement and pride we all are feeling for her. She has worked very hard while attending classes in person, online and studying various textbooks. Her determination and dedication was unbeatable and it was such an honor to be able to work with her!

The sky's the limit Lidiana!


CONGRATULATIONS and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!

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